Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finally, house pictures!

I finally got the memory card from DH, so here's the house. They're all interior, but trust it's a cute little cape with a big honking backyard that we feel very luck to have.

Hideous front hall wallpaper before I ripped most of it off--soooo satisfying!

View in the front hall, post wallpaper-ripping

Living room--the shelves will be filled with books; we still have boxes of them shoved into the cabinets below. And no, we're not keeping the valances over the windows. You can't quite see it, but we do have a working fireplace.

See why we're not keeping them? (Another living room angle)

Dining room

Kitchen with ugly linoleum and the scary oven. Notice the crock pot on the counter; used that again last night. Maybe we won't even buy a new range? I don't know why we have a kitchen chair in the middle of the floor. It has taken up residence; I'm thinking of calling it George.

Another kitchen view: our little table for mail and the phone and my one plant I've managed not to kill

Sorry this is on its side; this is the bathroom off the kitchen that clearly used to function as a closet. There's not even a sink in there, but hey, it works!

The TV for the "man room", although our friends have said until we change the wallpaper, they're calling it the "granddad room". The man room comes complete with large leather pullout couch, all very manly, yes, hmm, manly! Grrr!

Ech, another side picture. Wine fridge outside the man room. We love our wine fridge so much we received THREE of them for our wedding and that's the cause of my rant against Home Depot. DON'T REGISTER THERE. They made it nearly impossible to return it.

Contrast to manliness: Guest bedroom upstairs. Come stay!

My office. Notice I never let Kermit the frog or my Harry Potters (top shelf, the colorful ones) get very far away.

Screened-in porch complete with glider! That's the beautiful green thing. DH wants to get rid of it; I say no way.

So that's the house, in a nutshell. I have no pictures of our bedroom because it's a mess. You understand. And I didn't realize my last three captions ended in "-ay", but perhaps I felt the poetry of the house coming through my veins...or it's just coincidence. You be the judge.

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