Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I think I came out pretty even

So this weekend of course I had high aspirations but did not meet all of them:

- Managed to run for 30 minutes without gasping for air or stopping, a huge accomplishment for me
- Graded a bunch of stuff that really needed grading
- Read some of a real book (not one I'm teaching)
- Spent quality time with my husband
- BOUGHT A NEW RANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more crock pot out of necessity! It arrives Wednesday, hopefully, so I'll be raving about the quality meals I'm making IN the stove, not just on top of it. Yay!

- Did not go see my grandmother as I had planned
- Did not get all my grading done by a long shot
- Probably watched too much TV

Now...will I manage to do these things? Yes. Am I a terrible person? Absolutely not. Do I need to get going right now so I won't be late for work? Yes, so have a good day, people.

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