Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

...and my fuuuurnace iiiiiiisn't working....

Yes, I came home yesterday to a chilly house for the second time in less than a month. Last time occurred right before Thanksgiving and we almost had to switch to my mom's house, but the furnace people got it jerry-rigged and working in time for Turkey. This time it was the same problem, but instead of it being 50 degrees outside, it's a balmy 30 degrees with 45mph winds. For those who do not have to deal with this, that means wind chill, a lovely little addition. Wheeee.

Long story short, our furnace came over on the ark with Noah. The thing's 40 years old and rotted out in the bottom where the furnace man needed to fix the blower motor. Plus he didn't have parts for our ancient appliance, small wonder. So we've got it running thanks to the magic, intuition, and experience of the fantastic heater man, but it boils down to one point: We now have to buy a new furnace right before winter, when prices run highest. I could complain about how if the previous owners had done a little more maintenance this would not have happened (true story), but the fact remains that we wanted a high-efficiency furnace anyway to save on bills and whatnot.

So, Scarlet Lily, when you and your fam come to visit in a few short weeks, trust that the house will have heat one way or another; no snuggling together for warmth will have to ensue...but maybe we will just for fun and happiness to see each other. Plus the fireplace works.

Stay warm, people!

P.S. Watched A Charlie Brown Christmas last night, which warmed my heart as well!

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feather nester said...

Ooh, that's rough. What a lousy time for such a high and unexpected expense. At least you'll have the peace of mind for the future, and, as you said, the lower heating bills. Ah, the joys of home ownership! Despite the pitfalls, I'm still jealous. :)