Monday, May 12, 2008


A thought, which Feather Nester just commented on and it's so weird that she did, that I had to post about it: Have you ever thought of a person, a song, a movie, etc., that you haven't thought of in months or even years and suddenly it pops up in your life about three times within the span of a week? Why does that happen? How does it happen? As I wrote on FN's blog, I think it's just the universe's way of checking in and giving its two cents. Still, quite a phenomenon. It makes me feel connected somehow, though I'm not sure to what. That same universe? Who knows. I meant to post this on Saturday and do a Six Senses Saturday, but I didn't get around to it. :-)

Speaking of connections, I had a great girls' night out with my friends D and H on Friday night-- we went out to dinner and talked about EVERYTHING and laughed until we cried. I'm sure the waitstaff lurking near our table had a more interesting evening; I feel pretty sure they listened to everything we said. My mom did the same thing last week for her birthday (Happy b-day again, Mom! My friends said to tell you the same. Call me and I'll tell you which ones) and they had a blast. We get so busy and it's so important to make that time with our friends, to reconnect. Even if it seems they've gone off in different directions than we have, we can always call them up and get together. And if that doesn't work for whatever reason, well, we do find new ones to laugh and dish with, though it may take time. I guess this little blog does something similar by keeping me connected with friends and people I love, and it introduces me to new people and them to me. I like that.

Happy Mother's Day a day late to all those mommies and mother figures out there--you mean so much to all of us! It's all about connections, people! Call! Write! E-mail! Visit! Blog! Let them know what's going on and that you're thinking of them.

On a completely unrelated note (and that's my M.O., folks, it keeps you on your toes), I found another way to fill my rain barrel: When I let the water get hot for my shower, I put a bucket under the tap and then pour it all into the barrel. Laugh as you will, but it cuts down on waste and fills it up. We haven't gotten the drain pipe on the gutter to filter into it yet, and filling it drop by rain drop doesn't quite seem to work, though with all the rain lately, I have the makings of a mean herb garden going.

I think I'll go home and tend to Penny and my tired husband, who had a regatta this weekend in Saratoga and didn't get home until 11:15 last night, so they both need attention in their own ways.

Happy Monday!

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