Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Checking in, myself

I'm taking a leaf out of Scarlet Lily's book and just letting you know I'm still out here. This time of year is absolute insanity with exams coming up, everyone frantically scrambling to get everything done, etc., etc. I promise, promise, promise that if springtime frost has not killed my rapidly growing vegetable garden, I'll post pictures and all that good stuff. I've essentially become a crew widow (I mean nothing against you, sweetie--I know how hard you work) because DH is coaching and acting as an excellent role model to a local school's rowing team. Having been on a team as a member and coach myself, I know how much commitment it takes. Plus his girls did well enough to make it to Nationals in NJ, so that's a HUGE deal and I am very proud because I know my husband helped make that happen. They've got a regatta in Canada this weekend, so I'll try to go and cheer them on. If I remember correctly, there's enough down time that I can probably get a lot of work done between races....

This spring also marks Operation Personal Bootcamp, because I looked down the other day and thought, When did I get that gut? Why won't it go away when I stand up? Oh yeah, I'm out of my twenties and need to more actively work to keep my body from becoming a gelatinous mass of cellulite, broken dreams, and lost/lamented super-fast metabolism. Sigh. C and M, remember how the family called me "Garbage Gut"? Ah, those halcyon days have long since passed.... So I rode my bike to the supermarket yesterday. Yikes. At least I got my workout in--my goal now is to not become winded on either end of the trek. OK, it's not really a trek; t's only a few miles away. But it's good to have a goal, right?

All right....

1) Fit into various summer clothes that have become mysteriously tight
2) Ride with speed and cheer to grocery store while being able to sing entire score of The Sound of Music and ride home while balancing groceries in my little front basket
3) Resist lure of America's Next Top Model and Law and Order: Criminal Intent marathons.

I consider those reasonable and attainable, at least by the end of the summer.

But I can have pizza, yes?

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Unknown said...

Yes, yes you can. Life without pizza is really no life at all, n'est-ce pas?