Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Utterly random wondering

Scarlet Lily's recent post brought to the surface a question that has swirled in my own personal Pensieve for a while: What is with the rash of celebrity perfumes? Seriously, why the mania to be immortalized in scent? What does it do for your celebrity cache? And good Lord, not to sound snotty, but would I ever admit I wore a scent created by KISS? (It's true.)

Let me just throw out a few of the celebs who either have their own scents or endorse them:
  • Carlos Santana
  • Michael Jackson
  • Alan Cumming
  • Enrique AND Julio Iglesias (separately)
  • Debbie Gibson, briefly in the early 90s had "Electric Youth" fragrance
  • Tim McGraw
  • Victoria Beckham (yikes)
  • Clive Owen for Lancome
    - Note: Lancome has a number of celebrities as the faces for various scents, including Uma Thurman, and Kate Winslet
  • The Olsen Twins (double yikes--HAH)
  • Jeff Gordon
  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Paris Hilton
  • Kimora Lee Simmons has two called "Baby Phat Goddess" and "Fabulosity"
That's only part of a list. I just don't know what to make of it. I know Liz Taylor's "White Diamonds" has lasted the test of time, but I don't see Hilary Duff and Usher's scents doing the same.

What say you? You have to admit it if you've tried any of them, too.

P.S. Gloria Swanson has one called "Youth Dew". I find something incredibly wrong with that. I don't know why.


Unknown said...

Youth Dew? Blech!
I have only 2 scents: Chanel #5 Mademoiselle and a bottle of essential oil that is sandlewood. I might eventually branch out, but I will have to first get over my abiding hatred of any store that has 500 clashing smells...

WV: clart!

Wonderland said...

Umm... You forgot the most aggregious offender (other than my spelling): Britney Spears! YIKES!

Also: Sarah Jessica Parker and Mariah Carey. oiy.

In other words: I totally agree with you!

die Frau said...

I didn't even want to MENTION Britney and Mariah. How does one bottle failure and whorey-ness?

Sarah Berry said...

I have ALWAYS wondered that! Good question that I clearly have no input on other than to say that I agree with you.

Wonderland said...

Frau, you is crackin me up!