Monday, August 16, 2010

Four Things

Ouiser tagged me, so here goes:

4 things you'd find in my bag:
My bag is my school bag, so you'd find
- one green or purple pen
- a textbook
- stray paperclips
- bobby pins for hair emergencies

4 things you'd find in my purse:
- wallet
- glasses microfiber wipe thingie
- more bobby pins, a hair elastic
- mini Tide pen for self and husband stain emergencies

4 favorite things in my room (on the nightstand):
- a half-empty glass of water
- My St. Paul's Book of Common Prayer
- a list of things T loves about me, given to me on our first wedding anniversary
- My journal

4 things I'm currently into:
- cooking using my Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way cookbook
- actually organizing my life and teaching in terms of planning ahead, color-coordinating folders, and using my Google calendar like crazy
- Mad Men (I can't stand Don Draper, yet I am drawn to his perfect and flawed facade of a life)
- the Girl trilogy by Stieg Larsson

4 things you don't know about me:
- The movie The Blair Witch Project terrified me so badly, I almost had to leave because, for some reason, I truly believed it could happen.
- I have to fold my napkin in its original form before I leave a restaurant. I don't know why.
- Occasionally, for no reason, I will stand on one leg with the other foot balanced on the inside of the opposite knee (like tree pose, for those who do yoga). I am partially convinced in a former life I was a bushwoman who tended sheep, as I have often seen pictures of them doing this.
- When I walk to school in the morning, I sing Carole King's song "Beautiful" to remind myself to have a good day and to have confidence in myself.

More of a real entry soon. I've got some things I'm mulling over for entries; just have to sort it out.


Leslie said...

I love that you are a napkin-folding ex-bushwoman.

I love you so SO much.

wv: guskusse
The bushwoman weilded her guskusse with menace while herding the sheep.

Wonderland said...

I love that you have like a theme-song, or an anthem, to start your day! i think that's amazing and definitely one of the lovable Kary-things.