Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

OK, so a few posts ago I titled it "beginnings", and now I have both.  This baby is imminent (and I really hope the next time I post it will be me looking exhausted and weepy with a teeny tiny, wrinkly, gorgeous little bean in my arms)--not quite as imminent as I'd like, considering he hasn't dropped enough yet.  However, I plan to eat spicy food and have a beer on Friday and hope for the best.  I'd love for T to have a true Father's Day if possible, so please send good "come into the world" vibes for him.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get everything in place. I just finished up the last of my major grading last week and I've got lovely colleagues helping finish my exams for me.  I've cooked up and frozen a few meals (although I probably should do more!) for us to defrost when I'm so tired I can't see straight.  We've been working like mad people to get the room and the house ready:  My mom and sister have come over numerous times to help clean and re-organize, and the baby's room now looks ready, don't you think?:

The organized closet is all my mom and sister M
(Toddler Tamer, recognize the bathrobe?)

Mom and M also re-arranged the clothing drawers.
AND, T finally got the opportunity to get the dining room painted--doesn't it look awesome?  As he said, it's Big Kids.  It looks like a totally different place.  I also love the Pack-n-Play in the middle of things.  We picked the color partly because we loved it and partly because we could not pass up the name:  LaFonda Green.  Not kidding.  How can you not paint your dining room LaFonda Green?

(a little Napoleon Dynamite reference)


 After (we haven't put the art back up yet)

T also rearranged our bedroom--all he did was angle the bed, and it changes the whole room:  We've unblocked the window and just given this whole new dimension of space.  Obviously Penny likes it.
I also realized I better get you one more picture of me, so it's not great, but here I am, right before baby J comes.  My dear friend D, a great photographer, took some genuine lovely pregnancy shots (no, I did not go au naturel), but I don't have them yet, so this will have to do:
He just has to drop a leeetle more.

So that's the latest wrap-up with us.  Hopefully we'll have some news soon!

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Leslie said...

You (and your rooms) are gorgeous! I can't wait to see you and the baby in July. LOVE!