Sunday, January 20, 2008

Painting Pictures!

Stage 1: steaming off old wallpaper in the kitchen
Clearly it's good to have a tall person working on this

This was fun: This is the scoring tool I used to put tiny
holes in the wallpaper so the steam could get through.
It's called a Piranha!

Consider this a "before" picture; I hadn't even scored the
wallpaper yet but T had begun peeling.

The steamer
Stage 2: the wall post-steaming, ready for plaster and tools
to scrape the excess off
The original wallpaper and wall, found behind
the refrigerator. Very circa 1940s

As I wrote before, so many colors!

Stage 3: plastering the back room. Again, the wallpaper
was so tightly on, we didn't even bother to steam it off.

My sisters decreed that T could not call this the "man room"
until he got rid of the wallpaper; they call it the "granddad room".

Front hallway, plastered as needed in all the rough spots.
To get biblical, we had to "make the rough places plain".

Stage 4: First coat of paint on T's room! Quite a difference, yes?

We'll put another coat on today, and I think we'll also get the kitchen painted. Since we'll have a good chunk of Heirloom Red left over, we also plan to paint the tiny quarter bathroom that color. If you want to remember what the old parts looked like in full, click here, but I'll do before and after photos when it's all finished.


Sarah Berry said...

Holy COW that's a lot of work!! Bless your tired little hearts. The man room looks great though!! And were the other pictures from the front hallway? Dining room?

Strongmama said...

Wow! Great job! So the steamer is worth it? We have a big wallpaper job in our bathroom that I started without steaming and without scoring. After seeing your before and afters, I think I may do both first. Will the man room be done in time for the Super Bowl?