Thursday, January 24, 2008

Super fast post

Back hallway looks good (sandy-color), kitchen's done today, and I have to proctor an AP US History exam. Since my office at school is so friggin' cold that I had to put on gloves yesterday, I may not work there again today. However, we ran into the maintenance guy who fixed it, I think. Always, ALWAYS make friends with maintenance and custodial staff at your workplace, people. They do more for us than we ever imagine, and they truly keep the place going. I also find this true for secretarial staff. In my opinion, over history, the king's advisor always had just as much, if not more power than the king/head. The advisor keeps his ear to the ground and can get info a higher profile person can't.

I've gotta hit the shower, and our shower head spits out water so it feels as if you're showering under a handheld gardening can in terms of pressure. We view dealing with this as our next, less expensive project.

Happy Thursday!

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Ouiser said...

can't wait to see pictures!!