Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Dream Come True

Growing up, I remember my first band I ever considered my favorite: The Police. Oh, yeah. The Singles? Synchronicity? Regatta Mondatta? Oh, YEAH. Thus when they broke up I lamented the fact that I would never get to see them in concert. I spent my youth belting out "Roxanne" and other, non-prostitute related Police tunes, practically wearing out my tapes.

Well, fortunately for nostalgic fans like me and those who love to make money on reunion tours, I now have two tickets to see The Police in concert in May. YES! Thank you, Mom, for the early birthday present! OK, I bought T's, but that's neither here nor there. Also, thanks to most concerts having those giant screens, unless we have seats somehow behind the stage (I checked, we don't), almost every seat is a good one. I rarely shell out bucks for concerts, considering we have to think about mundane monetary items such as bills, but this is THE POLICE. I don't mean to brag or anything; I'm just very, very excited. Can you tell? I take my thrills where I can get them, and this thrills me.

Oh, and I did not play in the faculty basketball game, although my back has improved drastically, but I cheered heartily and my team, made up of the leftover teachers who hadn't been chosen by other grades (sophomores got last choice), made it to the finals due to the ten-point half court shot made by one of our team members. I find it very funny to see people in totally different elements: Some of the men in particular were out for blood, throwing elbows and acting as if NBA scouts sat in the stands. Before the game even started they had to remind everyone that this game came about as a charity event and something fun, not overly aggressive. Of course, anyone who knows me and my competitive spirit, I'm not entirely sure I would have remained entirely docile on the court....I'll have to start training for next year.

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talley said...

Matt and I got tickets to the Police when they are in Columbus. I can't wait. Nice to see someone else as excited as I am!