Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two Updates

OK, first of all, due to problems in personnel (read: someone wasn't doing his/her job when he should have), I now won't find out about my job status until the end of the month. Because that doesn't mean too much longer and because I have no control over the situation, I will patiently wait. Or just wait.

In other news, instead of getting our puppy in May, we will go get her next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! This means we're frantically reading our Cesar Millan and cleaning the house so little girlie won't lick anything she shouldn't. Here are a few pictures of the pups. I don't know which one we'll get, but one of those little balls of fuzz will come home with us! The one boy, Clancy, likes the soccer ball, and that's Mom with all of them.

Prepare for me to bore/dazzle you with various tales of puppy cuteness and woes with training. I'm sure the woes will mostly be us screwing up....

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Ouiser said...

they are so cute. so, so cute. i remember when otis was cute. now he's just a handful. a handful that i love and wouldn't trade, but a handful.