Sunday, January 10, 2010


Just a fun Sunday with my friend M and her five year-old son J (his first time sledding!) This is what numerous inches of snow allows, so I have to say that sometimes it's nice to live in a snowy area!

He thought this was the hill; it's just a giant pile of snow removed from the parking lot!

This sheriff's car was buried next to it, which I found pretty amusing

M and J

J's first run; he had a bit of a crash but it didn't stop him from wanting to go again!

Just a cold, snowy Sunday

This is one of the only places in the United States that has this sort of toboggan run


Unknown said...

Dude! These pictures remind me of Colgate! I definitely have one where I stand upon a giant white (grey) mountain, and another where my white Subaru Justy is completely buried.
Ah, snow...

The Perfect Space said...

You know you live in Buffalo when...your last two blog posts center entirely around snow! I didn't mind it either, until one day I woke up & had a job that DIDN'T HAVE SNOW DAYS. Just sayin. Being snowed in is one thing. Being required to get to work unless the governor declares a state of emergency...? :-P

die Frau said...

Well, truly, Idealist, what else do I have? :-) Except my hockey team, hopefully. It's too early to dream about spring....