Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Reality" Television

I'm off this week, so I'm enjoying spending time in the morning with my husband and getting a lot of things done around the house. For example, I ironed clothing that I haven't worn for literally a year because I just didn't find (or make) the time to iron. Very soothing, really, and now I can finally wear button-down shirts again. Laziness or busyness? Judge me as you will.

As I sit at my computer, the room lit by the reflection of about a foot or so of snow that fell yesterday, I realize that vacation is a great time to catch up on TV, which I'm trying desperately hard NOT to do. I vowed this year I would tear myself away from the idiot box and get back into reading, cleaning, exercising, anything to keep me from flipping channels mindlessly. Also, I think the writers' strike, thankfully ended, led to an even greater excess of "reality" shows, which I have always contended should be called "Contrived-Taped-Live-Cheaper-Than-Scripted-Little-Talent-Desperate-for-
Stardom-Has-Absolutely Nothing-To-Do-With-Reality" television. American Gladiators is back? Dance Wars? And my favorite, some horrible thing on FOX (surprise) called The Moment of Truth, where people ask each other terrible, hurtful questions to see if they will answer for money. The latest promo I saw involved a wife asking a husband if he had ever cheated on her. It has certainly helped me turn off the TV. One site had about 229 "reality shows" listed, although the list includes shows like Mythbusters on The Discovery Channel (a fascinating show, really) and NOVA. But seriously, over 200?

This just proves my theories that we need to be more discerning in what we choose to watch or the obesity rate will continue to skyrocket and that we actually have to choose, to consciously decide what we do with our time. On that note, I'm going to grab some lunch and do something constructive!

Enjoy your day, folks.

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