Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wind Day Wednesday, LOST

OK, a few days late for this, but on Wednesday we had no school not because of snow...because we had steady 40mph and higher wind going ALL DAY. The highest gust registered at 90mph, we had constant 60mph gusts, people had no power, windows blew out, and my friend L's Pomeranian got knocked over by a particularly strong gust. Lancelot weighs next to nothing (hence the strong, ironic name), so I laughed pretty hard at that image...only because I knew he was fine. I am not a meanie, laughing at little doggies getting knocked over by windiness. Of course I could have blogged that day, but, honestly, this room gets really cold and I had gotten cozy in my bed. I'm not bragging; they don't close school for us, the teachers, but for the kids. Case in point: Friday we had a conference day and received about an inch or so of icy slush, making it very difficult to drive, and they didn't close for us. How rude. Or, I should just suck it up and enjoy the one day off I had.

Switching gears completely, what did people think of LOST? I'm not sure, although they've got me intrigued with the continuation of flash-forwards. I did feel a little shortchanged that the "two hour season premiere" included a full hour of recap to get new viewers involved--that seemed like a ploy to me. How will they play it out? Will this future remain unchanged? If so, I have to admit, that seems like a real downer. And how can you call a show LOST if it continues with the "Oceanic Six" eventually going back to the island? Doesn't that change the concept of the show? Will they have to change it to Rescue Those We Left Behind Who Aren't Actually Lost Anymore? I don't know, but I'm excited to find out.

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