Sunday, January 18, 2009


1. What's the political rationale behind TNT showing Independence Day so much recently? That we're getting an "alien" in the White House? (I mean that strictly tongue-in-cheek. Don't get angry at me.) It's a victory for the planet? A kick-ass African-American man will come in and save the day? I vote for the latter two.

2. Why couldn't it have been just five degrees colder on Friday so we'd have had -20 wind chill and therefore no school?

3. Is it crazy of me that I kind of love the tons of snow we have?

4. Will I ever again find pants on sale at Ann Taylor Loft that were a) in my size, b) in a color I wanted, and c) cost $7.76?

5. Will anyone act foolishly enough to take a shot at Barack Obama on Tuesday? God, I hope not. It's one of the reasons my friend D decided not to take her five year-old to the inauguration. Small child in D.C. while riots break out....hmm.... And what sort of changes will occur when he's in office? I'm so interested to see it all unfold.

6. Why does Penny insist on eating what she shouldn't when we surround her with yummy toys?

7. What will my first loaf of homemade bread taste like? (I've almost got all the tools--I'm sure I'll blog about it because honestly, I'm going to be pretty excited.)

8. Who will win Top Chef?

9. On Battlestar Galactica, why did Dee make the decision she made? And is the fifth Cylon really Ellen Tighe? I think it's Starbuck. Yes, the sci-fi dork in me loves that show.

10. Can I ever cure my students of over-using the word "thing" and the verb "be" in their writing?

11. What will 2009 really bring, for all of us, personally, financially, emotionally?

Feel free to ask questions of your own or give me answers to some of mine.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Frau, I am a new/old fan of yours. I go way back.....I love your is fun to look for grammatical mistakes altho so far, so good. Guess who? hahahah......