Sunday, August 6, 2006

Wedding Musings

I went to a wedding last night, my friend's sister, E. E looked absolutely beautiful, and the weather couldn't have been better, considering how gross and humid it's been. Outdoor setting overlooking farm country, gorgeous tent with terrific band, everything was great. I think my mom lent some levity to the family because she began crying as the MOB, a close friend of hers, began walking toward us, and was in full waterworks as E and her father came along. He even stopped to laughingly offer her a handkerchief. I think Mom did her own little part in keeping the bride from tearing up herself, so way to go, Mom. One neat thing the reverend did was to have the bride and groom turn to face the guests, having them really look at everyone to see who came and talked about how all these people loved them and wanted to share in their special day. I thought that was pretty cool. And yes, now I want a bagpiper at my wedding. I doubt I'll actually have one, but it was cool.

The one damper was that DF couldn't be there. I realize that if you're attending a party where you don't have single friends to keep you company, going to a wedding-type event can be significantly different if your significant other isn't there. It's almost a rite of passage for me: Mostly gone are the parties where the group of girls and guys went together and everyone danced with everyone. Oh, sure, if you've got a close bunch there you still have a lot of fun, but the slow songs become the time when you hit the bathroom or grab a drink. This was definitely the case last night: My other single friend and I hung out and I danced a few dances with groups, but I didn't have a group of buddies to run around with. Plus DF is a fabulous dancer and he would've been spinning me all over that dance floor. And I had such a nice, twirly skirt on! Rats. So I guess this is a sort of roundabout tribute to T: It just wasn't the same without him. I had fun, but not as much. However, we have wedding to attend on the next two weekends, so I think he'll make up for it.

Next question: Salsa band, DJ, or regular band who also play songs everyone knows? And what the hell do I give for favors?


Ouiser said...

I love the ceremonies were the bride and groom face the "audience." The Episcopal Church is really strict, do as you're told and don't ask questions! Bagpipers are also really cool. Is your ceremony indoors or outdoors? I went to one wedding with a bagpiper inside a fairly small church (small by Southern standards, mind is probably gargantuan), the bagpiper nearly blew everyone's eardrums. Apparently, there is no volume control on those suckers. Just an observation for you...

I also can't imagine a wedding without M. I can imagine that would feel strange.

You're on your own deciding on the band...I liked having a DJ. It really opens up the possibilities on requests, and people love that! Favors...the world is your oyster. My friend Rheagan made a donation to an orphanage and had bookmarks printed that said what they'd done. It was a really nice gesture. I don't know if something like that interests you. Maybe a Colgate crew donation?? Long comment, huh?

feather nester said...

Ooh, a salsa band could be really cool! Just ponder whether you love salsa enough to dance to it all night. I was very happy with my DJ and never even considered a band. But that's because I just didn't want to have to deal with listening to lots of bands and worrying my guests might not love the one I chose. A band can be great; I just opted for what I felt was a more sure thing. Predictable, if nothing else. But some people feel a band is inherently more elegant and sophisticated, so, again, it's just something you'll have to contemplate for a while. Favors? I like Ouiser's idea. Or something uniquely Buffalo? Wing sauce? JK!