Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Anderberry Wedding

I warn you now, I've got a lot of pictures here of people you may not know. However, I believe that since weddings make for joyous occasions, you'll at least appreciate the smiles on everyone's faces. Truly a wonderful time. Note: I will refer to the bride as both S and Scarlet Lily, so don't get confused. Or annoyed.

The wedding took place in Canandaigua, NY, hence the beautiful scenery

A and L in the hotel room looking pretty, as always

L with baby Feathernester. As L said, "Jump in my purse! Nobody will notice!" Such a sweetie!

J and D...awww...
Bride and mother, sharing a moment

Groom B's old band, Tar Beach, having a "reunion". B is playing the violin.

I was playing with settings on my camera; this explains the blurriness. However, M's clear expression sums up the picture.

Three handsome Colgate grads

Me and DH

DH and Scarlet Lily on her last night as a free woman

Height difference? B hugs bridesmaid Z

Stylish in madras

Wine tasting in Canandaigua

This is the "illustration" feature: L enjoying one of her samples

One of the flights of wine at the tasting--delicious!

This is the "retro" feature. I just liked the look of it.

B an hour before the big event!

Scarlet Lily also an hour before the ceremony. Notice how he was totally dressed and set and she is still in street clothes. ;-)

A thunderstorm mercifully passed through about an hour before the ceremony.

The "chapel"
B and his parents

Maid of honor Feathernester

B played "Ave Maria" as the processional. How poignant is that? I tried to keep it together and failed utterly.

S and her parents

The groomsmen

S and B listen to the minister

Reciting their vows

I used the zoom on my camera to get this shot; I just like held hands

Just as I'd gotten it together, bridesmaid G sang a song she had written and created specially for the happy couple. More tears ensued.

Taken from a recent Halloween photo: We were at the 80s Table for dinner

Me being nosy: They were posing for pictures and I once again used my zoom feature to see what I could get.

Feathernester and Scarlet Lily sharing one of many moments of laughter in their long friendship

Please scratch! Ohh...thank you....

Think I can Photoshop the photographer out of the way?

Three lovely ladies

Four lovely ladies (Ah, ah, ah--the Count, anyone?)

Just sweet

A and J

The girls share a moment as S and B have their first dance

Aren't the antler lights kind of fun?

"Look lovingly at each other...."

Me and DH

B, S, her brother M, and her father and stepmother made the wine and bottled it as favors. Impressive!

Brother M and two of S's work colleagues

Scarlet Lily and her father share their father-daughter dance

Ditto B and his mother

Baby Feathernester makes a cameo with the baby sitter

Brother M with his stepmother and dad

DH and J, looking debonair

B and L

The morning after

It's silly, but I still get a kick out of Feathernester and Mr. Feathernester being parents. Clearly they have done an excellent job so far, because L. is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen.

So there you have it! We had a wonderful weekend, and I'm just sorry that I didn't get many pictures of the Ouisers, and that some friends couldn't make it. I don't think I'd ever been to Canandaigua before, and I know I want to go again for a weekend. It's quite close and I think we might need to do some exploring.... Although right now in this era of high gas prices we might also do more "staycations", as a lot of people have had to do. I suppose this just gives us a chance to explore our own city and what it has to offer, right?

But I digress, as I tend to do. Wrap-up: The wedding allowed me to relax, see great and close friends, dance like crazy, and see two people I love get married. What more could I ask for?