Friday, June 30, 2006


So call me crazy, but I have started getting up a little before 6am to do yoga with the show on the Oxygen network. My excuse? It's summer, I'm not working, and I have a fear of "cankles". So far it's left me much more awake and realizing that I don't quite have the balance the people on the show do. It's also made me yearn a bit for a bigger place: I have a tiny open space to do the yoga, but that's after dragging a trunk out of the way and putting the yoga mat on a diagonal. So I guess that makes me inventive. But I do like it, especially the relaxation at the end where you're just lying there breathing and listening to relaxing music. I highly suggest it. I may have to TiVo it once school starts--I doubt I'll have the time in the morning to get to work on time. Jeez, I guess I better get TiVo. Ooh, TiVo! I'll never leave the house again. Mmm...TiVo....

Totally different note: How do people have weddings every year, every weekend (not the same people, hopefully) and not go absolutely crazy and/or bankrupt? When did it become the norm to have to spend an average of $18,000 (check this site out if you're engaged--gives some tips) to
$30,000 on five hours of your life? I know, I know, it's one of the most important days of a person's life and it will give me a lifetime of memories. I am deeply excited about this. But everything leading up to it is beginning to drive me crazy...and I fear I'm not even in the throes of planning. Most of it has to do with a tenuous budget--waiting on money that's supposed to be coming but hasn't yet. Add to that a bride and groom with multiple parental divorces (OK, multiple on my side, one on his) and you've suddenly got lots more guests. It's like the ripple effect...or that old Prell commercial with Heather Locklear where everyone wants to have this person there, and so on, and so on, and so on....

Now, don't get me wrong; most of family and in-laws-to-be have been lovely and helpful. I just never knew how difficult narrowing down a list of people could be. And do you KNOW how expensive hors d'ouevres are???? No shrimp cocktail at this event, baby! You're all getting the cheese plate, and if you're lactose intolerant, too damn bad! Can you have a potluck wedding and not look cheap? My friend M. makes these great spinach balls. Ooh, and I can make my famous hot nacho dip! I can use the reception place's warmers. I'll even use lactose-free cheese, be nice.

What I really want is a celebration of DF (he's not the dear husband yet; he's the dear fiance')'s and my coming together, and I want as many of our friends there as possible. I want good food and dancing and photographs for memories. And I don't want to bankrupt anyone to do it.

Maybe Vegas is another option....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stupid computer

You know, I'm all into this blogging thing, I try to make some simple changes: Add a few sites, change the template, I try it FIVE FUCKING TIMES and it always stays the same! It doesn't change! I KNOW I did it right, because I followed the directions! What more do you want from me, Blogspot?!?!?

On the other hand, Andre Agassi just got into the third round of Wimbledon. I know my sister hates him, but hey, 36 and still beating the younguns? Pretty cool.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


1. Does anyone else think those stupid Dannon commercials with the women going "It's free-massage good!" "No, it's Rabbit vibrator good!" are annoying pieces of crap? (OK, they don't say anything about vibrators)
2. Will J.K. Rowling really kill off Harry Potter at the end of Book Seven?
3. Do you ever truly get over missing those who have left you, even if it's a dog?
4. When did "everyday" and "every day" become interchangeable, and who decided this? Because they're NOT.
5. Is a color scheme that important for the wedding?
6. How is it that too much plastic surgery makes people look freaky and inhuman, but the media drives home the image of the blemish-, wrinkle-, cellulite-free woman?
7. On that note, isn't the Dove campaign for real beauty the best ever?
8. What if I could say what I actually wanted to say to assholes and I wouldn't have any repercussions?
9. Is Sex in the City empowering or does it set us back centuries? (blasphemy, I know)
10. What is it about a new pair of shoes?
11. Why don't people write letters anymore? Why don't I?
12. Isn't falling asleep to a rainstorm the best?
13. Not a question, but there's something great about a terrifically engrossing book.

To that end, I'm turning off Sex in the City and going to read. 'night.


So...I have finished my trevails at Local Buffalo City School and will move off to Local Buffalo Private School. This equals less money and better student attendance...and skills...and actually caring about school...and fewer pregnancies. Yes, I taught 14 and 15 year-olds and had four preggos. Oh yes, because this is my blog, I may not be entirely politically correct. I trust you'll consider it refreshing. My students better not find out about this blog, because I'll probably post stuff about my more interesting teaching days. Can I get fired for that? Hopefully we'll not have to answer that question.

But I digress, as I often do. Let's sum up the year-end at my school:
- In a class of 18, 14 failed, mostly because they never showed up or didn't take the exam. That class was so easy; anyone could've passed it.
- One of my friends sent kids down to the office too much, which led to them complaining to the Assistant Principals that she was a racist and sexist against boys. Neither of these claims are true, but the APs listened to the kids and made the teacher's life hell.
- Graduation night was like an episode of Jerry Springer, but with no chairs thrown and nicer attire.
- I got an award for Rookie of the Year (yay, toot my own horn) but the principal spelled my name wrong on the plaque. Sigh. I'm planning to say that I stole it from someone else.
- The woman in charge of English for the city of Buffalo seems like a real sweet gal but is barely older than I am and doesn't quite understand that what works on paper often has nothing to do with the actual classroom and what works there.
- If only that suburban school had offered me a second interview....But things happen for a reason.

But hey! Turn that frown upside down, Gloomy Gus! ("Does anyone ever say to you, 'Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays'?") I have a nice, new job with kids who care and parents who really, really care, and a nice fiance and a wedding coming up. Oh dear Lord, I have to plan a wedding. Yikes. I think I'll go make some calls and watch Wimbledon. I frigging love Wimbledon and I can't stand it when people pronounce it "Wimbletin". It's a thing with me. But all that annoyance slips away when Roger Federer slams one right past his opponent and it smacks the tape and NOBODY else could've made that shot except Pete Sampras in his heyday.... Wouldn't that be cool, if Federer now could play Sampras about ten years ago? Truly, who would win?

Ponder that for a while.