Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moving, Part I

I don't mean to rant, but have you ever noticed that when you move, 80% of your stuff takes 20% of the time to pack and put somewhere, and vice versa? We're at the last 20%, all the little stuff that doesn't fit anywhere but still needs to go, all the knick-knacky things, the unwieldy kitchen appliances that don't quite go in a box, the cleaning supplies that take up so much room, the cords, the spice racks, the tea bags, the bamboozles and wuzzles! Wait, no, that's Dr. Seuss.

Right now I'm sitting on my mattress with my keyboard in my lap while DH vacuums our now-empty bedroom. I admit I've taken an escape route, refusing for fifteen minutes to figure out how best to pack a large muffin tin, myriad pieces of Tupperware, and breakable glasses into a box. Very, very soon this will involve me simply putting a box together and throwing stuff in willy-nilly, just to GET IT DONE. I'm very, very excited that we're moving to our first house, and I'll laugh all about it in a week, but currently I am sticky and unwashed and I want the maid to come take care of all this and I gave her the weekend off, that sneaky little minx. She took the jet to the Hamptons.

Thus as of Monday I will not have Internet until we set it up at the new place or unless I go to school, not too far away, but still not as convenient as right at home. Oh, and I may be getting a new desk, new to me but an antique, which explains why I even mention it. It's not like, whee, new desk! Yeah! This one came from some sort of university and has wrought-iron sides, a little shelf, and it opens up like those desks you had in grade school (but it's wooden, not whatever they were made of. Stone, it felt like, when you inevitably slammed your finger with the top of it). So, yes, pictures. Aaand, hopefully I will have pictures of my tomatoes, which I take absurd pride in. I hope I can move them to the new place! Any suggestions on transportation?

OK, folks, I better get back to the grind--have a great weekend!

Coming attraction: I read the most interesting article about a professor who made his students go technology free (radio, cell phone, TV, etc.) for 24 hours and then had them write about it. Ponder that, my dears.

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