Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feeling Old

This Saturday I finally cleaned my office, throwing out papers that had long since passed their usefulness and the like. I innocently bent over to do this, leaning forward from a seated position. Upon sitting up, I felt a sudden giant twinge in my lower back near my tailbone which subsequently shot down my leg. My friend Dr. M’s diagnosis? Sciatica. Sciatica?! Doesn’t that happen to older people, like my FIL? No, it can happen to anyone. Basically, I pinched a nerve in my lower back, sending pain shooting into that area and my right leg. Scarlet, if your chronic pain feels anything like what I had for just a day, I bow down to you and commend you even more for living on a daily basis with this. I spent Saturday on the floor either icing or heating it, downing ibuprofen. If I rolled over to get up, I found myself gasping in pain.

However, I don’t simply mean to complain; I want to advise you all to constantly and carefully stretch your lower back and hamstrings, and make sure your abs can support your back. I also want to praise DH for waiting on me hand and foot, ensuring that I had to get up as little as possible and even attempting to help me navigate the bathroom. Truly, that is love.

And, looks like I need to see No Country for Old Men. I thought Atonement would get the Best Picture nod, for sure. Glad I didn’t place any bets.


Sarah said...

Ugh! You poor thing. Isn't it ridiculous that aging pains and problems start this early - it's so unfair!

Get better soon!

feather nester said...

How awful! Glad you're getting better. I haven't posted in so long that I haven't had a chance to mention this yet, but I threw my back out two days before I had to drive across the country. It was extremely painful and I was terrified of that drive, but I think sitting in the car all day was actually a great way to rest it. But it's been, what, over two weeks now and I'm still recovering. Nothing like giving birth to anihilate your abs... I'm planning to get to the gym as soon as I think I can do it without reinjuring myself. Hope you recover faster.