Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Little Pup's Growing Up



I swear it is the same dog! It's Penny! We got her adult Wheaten cut, and they had to take more off than usual because she was just covered in knots, which, frankly, is part of the reason why we got the cut in the first place. She's still her sweet self, but I admit I called T and blurted out, "She looks weird!" I just have to get used to it, and it will grow out a bit. We're also looking at doggie daycare at least once a week because 1) she needs supervised socialization, and 2) the dogs at the neighborhood Evening Get-Together seem to look at her as a Live Moving Chew Toy, and we'd rather not make her afraid of other dogs. PetSmart has one that we'll check out; not sure others exist around here that DH can easily drop her at on his way to work. We'll check it all out carefully, don't you worry. (Papa, S. herself told me to do this, so I trust her advice. Everyone else, S. is a dog expert who ran a dog daycare herself and now does private training in Atlanta. She knows what she's talking about.)

I am sure we will still get crazy poses on the couch with new, chic Penny. And yes, I will post them.

P.S. How cool is it that I teach a class where we get to watch snippets of Shaun of the Dead?

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feather nester said...

I totally know how you feel! Remember I went through the same thing with Chewy? It was such a bizarre feeling to totally not recognize my baby! You're right, you will get used to it. But it's so traumatic that first time they get their grown up hair cut!

I think the doggie day care idea is great. Chewy LOVED it when we did that and he is now the best-socialized dog I've ever seen with other dogs. In fact, he got tested and graded by the boarding place we use and got top marks for his manners with other dogs and people (though I don't know how he got such good marks with people as most people I know do not appreciate being jumped on by a 72-lb dog).

My one warning with Petsmart, speaking of the jumping: We had a terrible time with the employees ENCOURAGING Chewy to jump on them for "hugs." They loved dogs and loved him and they thought it was funny. But we HAD been teaching him, successfully up to that point, NOT to jump, and now we haven't been able to undo it. They hire a lot of young people who love dogs but are not trainers, so I think their hearts are in the right place, but there are just too many different employees there, so even when we complained about it, they didn't all get the message. We gave up eventually because we needed the facility and they treated him well.

Anyway, proceed with caution.