Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Things, Quickly

1) I got new glasses. For those of you with 20/20 vision, first of all, go away. Second, getting new glasses is very important and slightly stressful because they GO ON YOUR FACE. So you have to take great care in choosing the frames that will GO ON YOUR FACE, where people look the most. I tried going alone--fool! Foolish fool! Fortunately Mom came with me the second time to help me choose. The sisters tried to make me wait until they came home for the holidays, but once I got the ball rolling, I couldn't wait. See, I've needed a new pair for, oh, about two years or longer. I think my previous pair had a fourth birthday. At the very least, I found out that my left eye had gotten all wonky and astigmatic, if such a word exists.

In looking, I wanted a pair NOT like my old ones. What did I keep picking out? Pairs like ones I'd previously had. Do you have any idea how many styles they have out there? And how many will make me look like a bug or that I'm wearing goggles? You'll all be thrilled and relieved to know I found a pair that looked just different enough, flattered my face, and had just a wee bit of edge to them. I got compliments from students--now, that's saying something. That they even noticed says a lot.

OK, so you just read about me buying glasses. Clearly I need to find something else to do. But seriously! It's a big decision! Like buying a house! Erm....

2) They caught the kid who posted the bomb threat. I won't tell you the kid's name, but everyone, EVERYONE knows him as Sketchy ______. As in, if the kid's name was Ed, everyone knows him as Sketchy Ed. Even the teachers call him this (not to his face, of course). Due to bad decision making on his part, this kid had carved out a path to juvie and our correctional system quite some time ago. I don't like to think that, but he really didn't leave me any other choice. (Aside--when I write "correctional facility", I think of the euphemism of "correcting" people the one evil character used in the novel/movie The Shining. Hmmm.) He'd been busted for drug deals, robbing houses in the area, and a couple other things. It was a progression.

I don't think I should divulge the details of what happened, suffice to say that he, himself, made the call and someone recognized his voice on the tape. They confronted him yesterday, he tried to run, the policeman chased him and threatened to shoot him in the posterior (not kidding!) and the boy dropped to the pavement like a stone. So he's in jail for a while.

I realize there's no congruity at all between those two stories, but that's just how my mind worked today. What can I say? Have a great weekend!


feather nester said...

Holy! You're, like, living an episode of L&O. I am simultaneously in awe and feeling a little bad for you. Is the bright side maybe that he's not sitting in your classroom for a while? Well, that's a bright side for you, I'm guessing, but I bet he'd prefer your classroom. Unless, you're THAT hard-core, which wouldn't surprise me. :)

Hurray for new glasses!! I, too, need new ones. I bought mine in Philly if that tells you anything. But I don't wear mine nearly as much as you. The Husband is in such dire need, you'd wonder if we were trying to prove something (beyond our own laziness and ineptitude). One arm broke off MONTHS ago and has been held on by superglue, with frequent re-adhering since then. Lame. But the process, as you noted, is SO HARD! Because they GO ON YOUR FACE!

My ears hurt.

die Frau said...

Fortunately, he was not my student. He's just "that kid".

Scarlet Lily said...

Amen on the glasses thing - it IS so hard!! The last pair I bought was my last month in Boston which was... drum roll... December 2001! It's no wonder why I don't wear them and squint while night driving.

I went in recently and spent forever trying to pick out new ones, but none were quite right. So I'm still without. Sounds like it's an epidemic!

Strongmama said...

I'm in the same boat with everyone else. It's been at least 5 years, maybe more, since my last pair of glasses. I desperately need a new pair since every once in awhile, the screw falls out of the hinge and pops the lens out. It's a real pain when that happens first thing in the morning and you need to put your contacts in to fix your glasses!

I usually wear my contacts, so getting new glasses always gets put on the backburner-- especially because we have no vision coverage (although vision coverage is generally minimal anyway). But one day that screw is going to pop out and I'm not going to be able to find it.

I'm very impressed your students noticed your new pair. Whenever I wore my glasses to work all anybody would ask is, "What's wrong? Everything okay?"