Thursday, December 4, 2008

I love my dog

I open with a warning: If you do not want to read about puppies and puppy mess, stop right here.

Penny is a dear, sweet girl. She went to doggie day care yesterday and had a fabulous time playing with another Penny, a Sheltie who apparently doesn't play with just any dog. Yes, my dog's special. Fortunately they tired her out enough that she conked out when she got home.

Fast forward to 5:15 this morning when I awoke to her whining to go outside. She did this a few nights ago at 2am and I took her out then, waiting 15 minutes while she made about five separate piles. Gross. Sorry. I made T go out with her this time and she apparently stepped in some of it and we didn't realize it until the offending odor alerted us. Looking more closely, we saw she'd bespoiled the rug and the bedspread. Sigh. So at 5:30 T attacked the rug and I attacked the yucky paw and her hiney with a very wet washcloth. Fortunately she's getting a haircut today so they can wash her and make cleanup a little easier for us in the future. But don't worry--no showdog cut this time. We want her fuzzy and happy. Pictures to follow, I'm sure.

Enjoy the day!


feather nester said...

Oh my. I've always wondered how Chewy avoids stepping in it. Especially when we're negligent about scooping and the backyard is a minefield. I always thought it was instinct, but maybe it's just luck!

Speaking of luck, how perfect that she was going to the groomer today anyway! I'm curious to see how the haircut goes. We've yet to have a grooming that we liked that wasn't all shaved or with very specific instructions for mohawk, etc. If we just tell them to take a little off, we get a poodle back. Sigh.

Ouiser said...

There's nothing quite like wiping your dog's butt. Been there, done that. Luckily, when we give Otis a bath, M gets the business end.

Strongmama said...

As long as we're being gross, it's just as bad when your cat tries to go in the litter box and some of it just hangs on waiting to say hello to you. Disgusting.