Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is it about Tuesday?

Well, I meant to do a happy, upbeat post about the good weather, my growing vegetable garden, and the awesome sushi we had the other night (sushi has come to my area--THANK GOD). But I can't do it, partly because I don't know how to send pictures from my Blackberry to the Internet. I just lost my smile today; all I have is that distracted, automatic one you flash so people don't know how you really feel.

Tuesdays always get me down. I think it's because on Monday you're just coming off the weekend and you still have that store of sleep and not having been at work. By Tuesday, the weekend has worn off and Friday seems so damn far away. I let one of my homeroom boys get on my nerves (he was pretty rude; it's not worth getting into) and then vented about it later in the faculty room, next to an ACTUAL vent where people can hear me. Fortunately one of my colleagues reminded me of this...because she could hear me in the hallway. Great. So hopefully she was the only one who heard. I try not to let adolescent obnoxiousness get to me, just let it roll off my back, but for some reason I can't find my Zen today. I'll get over it. There. I'm over it. Really. Promise.

Then I realized I'd paid a bill late, which means it screws with our credit rating, which frustrates me because I'm trying hard not to do that sort of thing anymore; it's why I BOUGHT the Blackberry, but this happened BEFORE I bought it and I then feel guilty because it's not just my finances; it's our finances that this affects, and guilt does nothing, blah blah blah, aaaaaggggh. Plus our finances are tight as it is, so it's frustrating. I have numerous presents to buy for numerous weddings and I worry that we won't have enough money to do anything for ourselves until we're old and gray. OK, now I'm just wallowing, but I won't for much longer. Promise (truly).

I'm sorry. I'll stop my pity party now and remember all the things I do have that make my life amazing, and there are plenty. Tuesday just got to me.


Ouiser said...

Some days just flat out suck. I hate those days.

Here's hoping that Tuesday starts looking up...and that Wednesday is friggin' FANTASTIC!

Just Another Idealist said...

If it makes you feel any better, I was RIGHT there with you yesterday. I blame the weather & work mostly. It's just SO HARD when you get into a back place in your head not to let that spiral out of control until positively EVERYTHING in your life sucks. Worrying sucks! Today is better already. Because it's not yesterday :-)

Wonderland said...

Oh honey, some days just SUCK like that. And it's totally great to vent all over this blog, that's what we're here for! I love you.

innspecter said...

Sorry things got crummy! This should cheer you p a bit.