Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How does my garden grow?

I promised pictures of my garden, and here they are:

From left to right, I have arugula (which I picked a lot of, so it looks a little mangy), turnips, radishes, and lettuce.

Here's the arugula--It tastes really peppery and is great in a salad. There's something incredibly satisfying about eating it.

Above and below: Close-up of the fava beans and the whole "crop"



Peas! See how they're beginning to use the trellis (below)?

Annnd...slugs. Does anyone know how to get rid of slugs? I know about using Irish Spring to get rid of deer. We bought some yesterday; I'll let you know how that turns out. Now I just have to add basil and maybe tomatoes.


Ouiser said...

fill a dish with beer. the slugs are attracted to it, and they drown themselves. i have read this in about a trillion places, so i'm guessing it works. good luck.

Crem said...

Yes, do the beer trick. Fill a small container with some beer and submerge it into the soil so the lip of the container rests right at soil level (the aim is to get it level with the soil so the slugs don't have to do any climbing). Also, you have to thin your radish and turnips and weed...they like the cool damp habitat created by all those leafy greens. So start yanking.

Wonderland said...

Your garden is amazing! I am way jelous of you and your veggies.