Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still Here

At work/school, so can't post REALLY because I already have umpteen assignments to grade (so I should stop giving homework, I know but I sort of have to).

Prepare yourselves next time for the short but fascinating saga of the new washing machine and dryer!

And yes, it's totally crock pot heaven at our house. So far, it's been orange teriyaki chicken and a big, fat lentil stew with lots of veggies. Oh, and my lunch period this year is at 10:00am. Yesterday I had a snack at that time and then ate the rest at 2pm just before I began EATING MY OWN HAND instead. Adjustments, kids, adjustments!

Happy hump day, my ducks.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

The lunch thing kills me. I basically graze all day - which I know may not be an option if you're actually supposed to be teaching.
So, maybe get one of those beer-hat things with the tubes to your mouth and fill it with soup? Just an idea. I'll let you know if brilliance strikes...