Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two quick thoughts and an exclamation

1) There is little that's more pitiful than watching a fluffy dog stagger around, post-anesthesia, with a large shaved patch on one side of her and an Elizabethan collar (one of those cones) on, catching said collar on doorways. (She's recuperating today--they cleaned her teeth and removed a cyst; hence the surgery.)

2) Jillian Michaels should stay the hell away from yoga. I did her version this morning and she took something that involves stretching and holding poses and strength and...jillianized it. Doing three sun salutations in a row at top speed "because that's the only way you melt those pounds" is not inspiring or pleasant. She also had disdain for yoga speak, preferring not to say phrases such as "bring your heart center to your knee" because it wasn't "English". I'll do the Shred with her all day because then I feel justified in thrashing around to the beat as I try to copy Tami in the corner who's doing the beginner version, sweating, and occasionally gasping obscenities at Jillian and her blazing eyes and killer abs and tattoos. Yoga, not so much.

Here's the exclamation: We have strawberries randomly growing in our yard! I have no idea how they got there; one of us must've chucked a bad one and it took root or something. It is SO COOL. And our blackberries are growing! Yay, wild berries!


Just Another Idealist said...

There really is nothing sadder than a hurt puppy. Well, maybe a hurt baby. But let's not split hairs. I have to totally agree with you on the Jillian Michaels thing--I don't need to do her yoga video to know that she & yoga are incompatible ideas.
PS-Martin Sexton Friday!!!

Leslie said...

I was a little sad that the yoga video was so... aerobicized :(
I suggest Rodney Yee for yoga dvds - still a great workout, but preserving the yoga calm.

Wonderland said...

EXCEPT that in order to be able to do Rodney Yee, you need to have enough strength to balance on like a pinky finger or your nose. He is outrageous in what he thinks a normal human can accomplish. Just my two cents...

PS: yeah berries! (the fruit and the humans :)

Natalie said...

I have to wonder what Jillian is so scared of. What is behind the shield of brutality and force?