Thursday, July 1, 2010

Utterly Random Questions and Observations

1) Has anyone else ever noticed that in B-grade movies, the characters overuse each others' names to an obnoxious extent? Next time you watch a movie that you realize is mediocre at best, see if this is true. Case in point: From Paris, with Love. Not my choice, BTW.

2) Does Miley Cyrus not see the pattern of child-star-turned-sexy-bad-girl that others have left in her wake? She's heard of Lindsay Lohan, right?

3) What, truly, is the appeal of Silly Bandz?

4) When will we ever get this giant oil spill stopped? Can we? What will the repercussions be? And how in the name of heaven could the oil companies be so blind and foolish and arrogant not to plan for something of this magnitude?

5) Can the next two Harry Potter movies truly live up to the last book?

6) I've often posited that e-books and 3-D television simply a secret plot of the world's opticians and ophthalmologists to cause eye problems and therefore increase the need for corrective lenses. Think about it.

7) Can Andy Murray win Wimbledon, breaking the U.K. champion drought?

8) If I look sad and downcast, look longingly but quickly at someone, and then look down, bite my lip, and look away, can I be cast in the next Twilight movie?

9) When I have kids, I don't care what sort of hovercraft-transportation-screen-within-a-screen crap they have out. They're playing outside with sticks and rocks.


Scarlet Lily said...

What IS the deal with the Silly Bandz????? It's a far worse phenomenon than anything I can think of. I went to the mall this past weekend and they are EVERYWHERE.

SERIOUSLY... RUBBER BANDS in the shapes of animals is what's hot right now? SER.I.OUS.LY???

Wonderland said...

My favorite toy as a kid were my blocks. Like, literally, my mother had bought some wood and cut it up into shapes and sanded the edges. I made castles and roads and jails for my sister with them. No paint, no varnish, no plastic. I loved them.

Ouiser said...

Kids love Silly them. Of course, people collected Garbage Pail Kids when we were young. At least these aren't repulsive.

Also, kids love sticks and rocks. And fallen leaves. And pine cones and other seed pods. And clover flowers. And dandelions. At least, my kid does.