Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I was home sick today (Wednesday) with laryngitis. This makes it extremely hard to teach, although, as I noted elsewhere, extremely creative. Fortunately most of my students were quite kind. Only a few kept muttering to their classmates, "Dude, I can't hear her." NO KIDDING. I also love, "Hey, Mrs. Frau, 'd you lose your voice?" No, I'm just mixing it up a bit. For fun. Fortunately I could glare and whistle, and those skills helped a great deal. Hot tea also helps. And frozen yogurt.

So as I lay in bed not talking and watching a bit of TV, I saw an ad and now will compile a list I call

Conversations Topics Women NEVER EVER Discuss in Real Life*:

- detailed birth control methods and their side effects
- the effectiveness of yogurt in digestive health
- women's vitamins
- anything where the phrase "just call your doctor" and "side effects" are used together
- how great chatting on a 1-900 number for singles was

That is all.

*All right, someone, somewhere may discuss them. But it's rare.


Strongmama said...

How about singing the birth control songs with your friends? No? You don't do that either? Hope you're better!

die Frau said...

"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, every daaaaaay." Ugh. NO. Ditto that hideous "Pearl Girl" ad from a few years ago.

Some products should NOT HAVE CATCHY JINGLES. ("Gotta go", anyone?)