Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Perspective

I now work in downtown Buffalo. If you have never toured that particular area, you truly should. Every
day I get to walk down Main Street right into the heart of downtown with its award-winning architecture
 all around me. Granted, it's an urban area, so it also has its share of ugliness and unsavory characters. I
don't have any illusions about staying aware of my surrounding when I leave every evening. But right outside my
window and just down the street, I get to marvel at some gorgeous buildings every day.

Immediately outside my window I see the the Electric Tower (formerly the Niagara Mohawk Building). Designed by James A. Johnson and completed in 1912, every holiday season the top tiers light up once the sun goes down in red, green, and white light on the top level. It brings me back to childhood: Every time I saw that tower lighting up in those colors, I knew it meant Christmas wasn't far behind.

Just beyond that is the Buffalo Savings Bank with its beautiful top, formerly (appropriately) the Gold Dome building. Look as well at
the clock tower and surrounding facade for the detail. Right now the
sun has lit up
that dome, making it seem warmer outside than it really is, thanks to the biting wind.

Directly in front of me, my window looks out on the old Olympic Tower, commissioned in 1901 as a 
new facility for the second oldest YMCA chapter in the United States and built in an English-
Flemish Renaissance style. I love looking at it after I've focused on small print for a while--quite a 
nice contrast for my eyes.

Even the Hyatt Regency manages to keep some of the old-style architecture with its brick facade and pale

green roof, also a stone's throw from my building. 

If I walk just a little ways down, I get into the Theater District with Shea's Buffalo, one of the old
theaters. I've added the photo gallery for the inside because...just look. You'll understand. Shea's also
evokes Christmas memories of donning my prettiest velvet dress to go see The Nutcracker and
gaping in awe at the ceiling and other details. I still do.

 (detail of the arch on top of Shea' can just see it in the top-hand right corner of the picture above)

I love the old-style lights.

And just a few more random Theater District pictures for you:

Tent City! This is a place that sells tents and other Am Vet-type about repurposing.

Cepa Gallery (photographic art center)

There's so much more that I could show you...and I haven't even done a walking tour, which they have

many of. I even love the old millinery factory behind me, although it's one of too many buildings
downtown that sits vacant, waiting to be repurposed or used in a different way. Too much of Buffalo is
that way, but that's an entirely different post. I just wanted to show off my city a bit and express my

gratitude that I get to see a little bit of it as I go through my day.

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