Wednesday, June 28, 2006


1. Does anyone else think those stupid Dannon commercials with the women going "It's free-massage good!" "No, it's Rabbit vibrator good!" are annoying pieces of crap? (OK, they don't say anything about vibrators)
2. Will J.K. Rowling really kill off Harry Potter at the end of Book Seven?
3. Do you ever truly get over missing those who have left you, even if it's a dog?
4. When did "everyday" and "every day" become interchangeable, and who decided this? Because they're NOT.
5. Is a color scheme that important for the wedding?
6. How is it that too much plastic surgery makes people look freaky and inhuman, but the media drives home the image of the blemish-, wrinkle-, cellulite-free woman?
7. On that note, isn't the Dove campaign for real beauty the best ever?
8. What if I could say what I actually wanted to say to assholes and I wouldn't have any repercussions?
9. Is Sex in the City empowering or does it set us back centuries? (blasphemy, I know)
10. What is it about a new pair of shoes?
11. Why don't people write letters anymore? Why don't I?
12. Isn't falling asleep to a rainstorm the best?
13. Not a question, but there's something great about a terrifically engrossing book.

To that end, I'm turning off Sex in the City and going to read. 'night.

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Anonymous said...

haha those are pretty good questions, hopefully we'll learn the answers to some of em