Friday, July 21, 2006

It really IS the best medicine

I was just talking to my mom on the phone and we ended up laughing so hard neither of us could speak. It's nothing I'll even bother explaining; very much the kind of thing where it gets lost in the telling. It might garner a chuckle from an outsider. Don't you love those moments, when something mildly funny just catches you a certain way and you can't stop laughing? My one sister and I get like that sometimes...and then the one sister's laughing makes the other laugh and it just keeps going until we're exhausted. There's nothing like a really great, gut-busting, asthma-inducing bout of laughter.

This is also why my family doesn't always like going to movies with me: I will guffaw loudly and heartily at anything I think is funny, including pathetic movie previews. I'm proud to say that I got the majority of the theater laughing when we saw Paris Hilton running in slow-mo in her lacy pink bra during the House of Wax preview. I mean, come on. I couldn't help it. This is also why I have always appreciated Julia Roberts' laugh: It is completely unforced and takes over her whole body.

So what makes you laugh? What certain lines or memories always bring up a chuckle? I'm going to have to figure a few foolproof ones out so I don't bawl my way down the aisle as I get married. I'd rather go laughing than crying, but it'll probably be both, which is why they invented waterproof mascara.

As my sister says, the best jokes are the ones not everybody gets.

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