Monday, February 5, 2007

The weather outside IS frightful!

(Picture from the Buffalo News) Well! I get a chance to add an entry because we don’t have school today! Why, you ask? It probably has something to do with getting 2-3 feet of snow in the southern areas of Buffalo, a good six inches in the metro area, and sub-zero wind chill. I scraped off my car last night just in case I had work today and it was FREEZING. We’re talking bitter, bitter cold where hypothermia begins in about five minutes, no exaggeration. I think the best part was realizing yesterday afternoon that our heat was out AGAIN. Fortunately our landlady’s was not, so we camped out in her guest room last night. The heating company tried to give her some rigmarole about low gas pressure on the street, but I just don’t see how it would affect only our apartment. This morning when DF went in to get something, the thermostat registered a balmy 50 degrees. For some reason our heat only conks out on the coldest days possible. It has some twisted sense of humor, I suppose.

Fortunately this gives me a little more time to plan lesson and get some reading done for school—and I kindly e-mailed my students, telling them they were still responsible for turning their papers in (they can post them to our school website) and we’d still have our quiz tomorrow. I know, I’m such a queen. But seriously, they all check their e-mail twenty times a day, so I don’t see many of them claiming the “I never checked it” defense. And, these are pretty conscientious girls, on the whole; I have to give them credit. I just hope they don’t get frostbite trying to ski or snowboard. That’s where the common sense of a teenager sometimes becomes an oxymoron. I plan to stay indoors as much as possible, cozy in my fleece pants and wool sweater!

Feather nester, you are soooooo glad you’re not in Plattsburgh today…. One article even saysPlow drivers are saying it's so cold that the salt isn't working on the roads.” ( That's cold, folks. But we love it! Love it! Maybe because we're too cold to realize just how freezing it is??

On a lighter note, I did get shoes for my wedding dress and DF and I chose wedding bands last week. That was actually pretty fun. :-)


Anonymous said...

We haven't had anything here that a native Buffalonian would even register as snow. However, with regular wind chill temps at around zero and below, there is quite a network of ice around. I slid my way down to the square on Saturday, and I needed to practically chain myself to other pedestrians on the way back up! OH! I can't wait for spring!!!

feather nester said...

Oh, honeychile, I don't miss it for a second. I think y'all are nuts and the only sane people from the North Country are those the get out. We actually had a little dusting of snow on the cacti a couple of weeks ago. That was kind of cool to see, but all the plants look dead now.