Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Eye-Opening Video

Hi peeps--it's been the usual, grading papers and wedding planning. Sorry I've been so reticent in posting.

However, I did want to mention this. We're eventually going to have all the students have laptops at my school and today in Tech class we watched a fairly amazing video, which I've linked to here called "Shift Happens". Check it out--it's mindboggling what kind of world we are actively living in. It boggles my mind that when I'm 80 I'll be able to look back on this sort of technological explosion. P.S. Watch it with the sound on--great music from Last of the Mohicans.

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Ouiser said...

That is unreal. For the record, I owned the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack in high school. I LOVE it. I think I may have to reinvest in it...it's one of the million things that mysteriously disappeared in college. Along with every good tee shirt I ever owned. Know what I mean?