Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Still here!

OK, I know, I know, I’ve been negligent. A private school teacher who also coaches and has less than a month before her wedding has little time to blog, but I admit I could be better. Wait until a month from now—I’ll have much more time!

I will quickly say that I just had a milestone birthday (thank you all who sent love and good wishes!) and had a blast. I think I can be thirty and flirty. Just not with the students. Anyway, I will say that this past weekend family friends threw DF and I an engagement party/30th for me that involved dear friends from the area, great food and conversation…and videos of my third and fourth grade plays, along with a video of the one good friend’s 10th birthday party. God, we were such awkward little things. I knew it would happen; her stepdad’s threatened for years. I would have been disappointed had he not done it, really. Funny enough, my hair now has that same shade of blonde as at ten…with $50 worth of help from my hairdresser.

Vacation starts this weekend. This means I have two free weeks to do the last-minute planning for the wedding, which gets closer every day! I think my mom’s more nervous than I am; should I be more so? I refuse; the wedding will go just fine, the guests will have food, drink, dancing, and a place to sit, and I will be married to the man I love most of all, so I think that’s all good. She does better at the details anyway; at least that’s how I look at it. Practical or ostrich-like? Still not sure.

Oh, and we got our marriage license! We’re legit to wed! Although I will say I’ve found out this whole change-maiden-name-to-middle-name has waaay more complexity to it than I ever dreamed. How sexist and red-tapey. But I want to do it because I get a kick out of that fact that I’ll be KFC. I plan on taking a picture of myself in my dress in front of said eatery. How many brides get to do that?

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feather nester said...

You're not the only one who's been negligent (see my blog). But no guilt, sistah. We both have good excuses, and, after all, we can't all be Ouiser. :)