Monday, December 31, 2007

Quick post

I will do my 2007 wrap-up tomorrow; it'll take too long right now. I have a lot of thoughts. I will say, briefly, sarcastically, that whoever thought up the "original" flavor for night time NyQuil either had damaged taste buds or a hatred of the ill. DH refers to it as death-flavored, and I'm inclined to agree. With all the technology that exists, couldn't someone come up with actual good-tasting medicine? They got the formula down for the thick pink penicillin that little kids take, remember? I loved that stuff. But for now we have bluish-green death flavor. Yum. Taking medicine remains the one time I truly wish I could do shots.

On a nicer note, my new desk faces my backyard, currently covered with beautiful snow, the light kind that looks like someone sugared the tree branches. I do love it.

Happy New Year, people! Have fun and be safe.

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