Thursday, April 3, 2008

Miss Funnypenny, doing my civic duty

Well, after a brief bout of illness with the puppy over which T and I both panicked and raced her to the vet (well, we got my MIL to do it since we were both at work--thank you!!!!), Penny is on the mend and loving her chicken and rice we've given her to settle her stomach. On the one hand, I'm sure we didn't need to freak out, but on the other, she's so tiny and helpless, and to see her so draggy got us worried. Fortunately, we have a good vet and an excellent, understanding vet friend (thanks so much, J!), and we're good to go. Thus, I have new pics to share in celebration of Penny's First Illness (no, I did not document it):

Tasting T's head

Who's scaring whom?

Sleeping comfortably

(I took this at the exact second she finished a yawn, trying to get it midway. I love the result I got.)

Playing in the kitchen

Happy ladies

Today I had jury duty, which consisted of me sitting in a room, albeit a comfortable chair, grading papers while I waited for them to call my name. At noon they called my group in to tell us that, while we could leave, because of some situation they have to have us come back again tomorrow. And so justice moves on. For you Simpsons fans, there was a guy named Robert Terwilliger in there, aka Sideshow Bob. On a positive note, I did get to come home early to my puppy, who then fell asleep in my lap for an hour. You can't complain about anything with a lap full of warm puppy.


Les said...

I'm in love with your sweet sweetie of a puppy!

Sarah said...

So, so, so, so cute!!! Give her a little snuggle for us!