Sunday, March 30, 2008

The newest (canine) member of the family!

Well, after a combination of poor directions, phone calls, and the magic of the Garmin GPS, we made to Kitchener, ONT to pick up our little bundle of joy, who is currently penned in the kitchen and howling because I've left her, so I have to make it fast.

I think I can say with no bias whatsoever that Penny is the cutest puppy who ever trod this green earth. She's eight weeks old, so she's still incredibly floppy and soft and sweet. So far my favorite thing she does is try to scratch her collar while she walks, so she does this crazy, three-legged stagger. She's quickly learning to "eliminate" outside, which also makes me think she'll be doing linear algebra by late spring. Basically, we are just in complete love with her already. I'll only post some of the pictures (We've already taken 50), but I think you'll agree that she's a very sweet beast, as T says. We're training her on a combination of Cesar Millan and, a fantastic site run by a woman I know who ran an extremely successful dog day car/puppy training center here before moving to Atlanta (too bad for us!).

I wish I could take the week off to play with her!

In the car , on the way home.

A typical terrier, she's tried to "kill" all of her plushy toys by snapping their necks

Just to give you a size comparison....

We figured she'd grow into the bed; she loves it.

With "grandpa", being her silly self

With Mom (Grandma)

Tell me you can resist this face!

Hope you're having as fun a weekend as we are!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Penny is the sweetest! (Great name too). ~Al

talley w said...

Very cute, Fronker!