Sunday, January 11, 2009

Change is Good

It's not what you think:

Yesterday we collected all the change we had in the house, amassed over at least the past five years, filling random mugs, glasses, and coin banks. We separated them into denominations and so far, we have $220 in quarters alone. Haven't touched the dimes, nickels, or pennies yet. Perhaps a Wii is in the cards after all...? We'll see.

Last night we also did a date night, only to realize that everyone in the 'burbs goes out to dinner no matter how rotten the driving (and it was nasty). They will also wait 40 minutes to get into Red Lobster. I don't care how succulent the shrimp is; I just don't have the patience. Thus we ended up at Wegman's (best grocery store EVER) where there was no wait, no screaming kids and overly permissive parents, and sushi. I think the whole suburban chain thing will get us going back into the city itself or eating at home, both of which I prefer anyway, thanks for asking. Ah, then we saw Gran Torino: Amazing. As my sister M said, nobody growls like Clint Eastwood. The man takes an old, racist, bitter, gun-toting throwback to another era and makes you fall in love with him. Just really well done, we thought. I won't write any more--just go see it.

I forgot to mention that we had this date night partially because T took me out to dinner to soften the blow from the $120 ticket I got for talking on my cell without a hands-free device. Yeah. [groan] It did not matter that I was literally five minutes away from my mom's; trust that I will not make such an expensive mistake again. Neither should you--we all need to get the frig off the phone in the car anyway.

Golden Globes tonight--I plan to see if Heath Ledger wins for The Dark Knight and then read the fashion commentary on Go Fug Yourself tomorrow. Happy Monday, folks.

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