Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Husband=Good. Students=Bad.

Well, that's not entirely true, but it worked as a heading. I've had yet another rotten cold for the past three days: a little sniffly, throat like a sandpaper-covered golf ball, and a pathetic joke of a voice. Chugging tea has helped to a tiny extent.

Yesterday with my pitiful voice I attempted to make it clear to my first period class that I could not carry the discussion. Now, when you're a teenager and have to sit in class at 7:25am (I KNOW), you may not act chipper and awake. But I asked them to please TRY. They don't hate me; they could've done it. But noooooo. Crickets chirping, pins dropping, me desperately trying to get something going. I gave them questions like "Are all people capable of murder?"! Do you not have an opinion of that? If I call on you, could you please not say, "Well, I pretty much agree with what X just said, so....[trail off into nothingness]"? Gave up at 10:30 and went home sick. Sleep is marvelous. I also learned to love Top Chef--whoops. Like I need to watch more TV. I did sleep, honey! I did, I swear! (T gets very sweetly militant about me sleeping when I'm sick so I can actually get better.)

So last night DH brought me soup in a bread bowl--soooo soothing; Bee M.D. throat drops, which ROCK; and a humidifier. You cannot believe how much difference that little, magical contraption makes in a dry, heated house. Not that I'm complaining about warmth, mind you. It's been close to zero the past few nights and if the wind chill gets below -20 (they have predicted it), we won't have school again. But I digress. I love the humidifier. Go get one right now. It will change your life.

Today I'm a bit better, went to work, watched videos in two classes legitmately, and made it through. Now I'm going to douse myself with TheraFlu, my other good, drowsiness-inducing friend, and go to bed again at 8:30. Stay well, kids.

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Scarlet Lily said...

Oh my gosh, we bought a humidifier last winter and I swear to god it changed my life! I instantly started sleeping SO much better. Love, love, love them!!

We're gonna have to buy a second one since we'll have to forfeit ours to the baby next August! :)