Saturday, January 2, 2010

A look back

All right, I'll look at the last decade because, hey, in ten years a lot happens:
  • Survived the post-Y2K madness unscathed
  • Worked at my first real teaching job
  • Had my first major breakup--necessary but extremely sad
  • Got into and out of unhealthy long term, long-distance relationship with person whom I later got unintentional revenge upon when he wanted to join the CIA and I had to be interviewed for a background check
  • Got my master's degree and first teaching certification
  • Lived in three different states (VA, KY, NY)
  • Saw a major terrorist attack
  • Moved back to Buffalo
  • Changed jobs or places of work six times
  • Went to the west coast for the first time (CA)
  • Gave myself a minor concussion
  • Re-met a wonderful man
  • Fell in love, got engaged and married
  • Went on a honeymoon
  • Put one dog to sleep, got another
  • Bought a house
  • Bought my first new car
  • Made many lovely friends
  • Discovered blogging (very important)
  • Went to four places other than the U.S. : England, Canada (again, still counts!), Mexico, Cayman Islands (technically a British territory)
  • Saw my sister and brother each get married, saw another sister get engaged, saw a third sister fall in love
  • Began seeing a wonderful therapist who keeps me on the straight and narrow
  • Adjusted my relationship with my parents so we're more adult-adult and not just parent-kid
  • Saw many of my friends get married and have children
  • Found out what happens to Harry Potter
  • Realized that the difference between 22 and 32 is so incredible that I can't even begin to describe it. Fortunately, to many of you out there, you already know what I mean so I don't need to explain myself. If I could go back to give my 22 year-old self a lesson, I think I might tell her to ask for help more often, trust her instincts more, procrastinate less, and read more good books.
There's probably a lot more out there that I could think of to add to that list and tell my younger self, but that's what I can think of for now. The mistakes I made, the leaps of faith I took, the decisions good and bad all add up to who I am now. Of course I have regrets; we all do, but for the most part, I accomplished quite a lot and have really begun to make my life what I want it to be.

I know that the next ten years will also bring tremendous change to me personally and the world in general; I'm just glad I get to share these moments with so many of you and I'll be there to share in your joys and sorrows as well.

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