Thursday, March 24, 2011

True Love

Two days ago as T and I sat at breakfast, I told him about having some cheesy instrumental 80s TV theme song in my head. I could not remember which show it was, and it was driving me crazy. Upon my belting out the first bar, he immediately joined in and we sang it together.

"Is it Magnum?"
"No, no, that goes dum bum bum BUHnahnahnuh..."
[and I then joined in and we scatted out Magnum, P.I. together at the table and laughed hysterically.]
"But that's not it...what IS IT?"
[long pause]
"CHiPs! It's totally CHiPs!"

My husband's recall for the utterly useless is excellent. This is why 1) I had that damn song in my head all day, and 2) it's one of many, many reasons we're so well-matched.

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Wonderland said...

What a great story! Thanks for the chuckle.