Saturday, April 2, 2011

Springing up

Just reminding myself and others that teeny, tiny signs of spring have finally begun to arrive:

  • I've seen shoots coming up in my neighbor's garden, and I'd probably see some in mine if I really looked. The trees have definite buds.
  • The snow, while still occasionally coming down, is finally melting and there's more green and brown than white out there. To that end, I've dug out my galoshes and mucked around outside, and I've retired my big winter boots.
  • Penny has joyfully discovered every damn mud patch she can find and looks as though she's wearing little dark brown shoes when she comes into the house.
  • I haven't worn a wool sweater in almost a week. Considering Buffalo springs are temperamental at best, this is a huge improvement.
  • Seniors have begun to pay a lot less attention in class. In a month, some will come to me and ask if there's "anything they can do to raise their grade" in order to graduate. I will tell them, again, to go back in time and do all the work they should've done up to this point.
  • Runners have switched from leggings to shorts
  • I have begun to consider stretching the budget to include a few more cheerful clothing pieces that will accommodate my own stretching tummy
  • Cadbury Egg time has become more and more precious
In other, next generation news, Baby J has become significantly more wiggly and active, and my niece C gets cuter every blessed day. Growth happening everywhere, really!

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