Friday, May 27, 2011


I just saw my new favorite clip having to do with etiquette that has gone by the wayside while watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent:

Suspect: [says something mildly unhelpful]
Det. Goren:  [asks question]
Suspect: [begins texting while Goren speaks to him]
Goren: I'm sorry, are you texting us?  Because we're the ones talking to you right now. 

BAM.  I am totally using that. I get very fussy about phone manners and lack thereof, although I admit I did walk through Target today talking to my mom.  However, I didn't have a personal conversation about anything embarrassing.  Is that better or just hypocritical?


feather nester said...

No! That's not hypocritical! Cell phones don't need to be used only in private. Private conversations should be conducted in private, regardless of the medium by which they're conducted, but you certainly don't need to avoid multitasking altogether. Texting during a conversation with someone else is a whole different thing.

die Frau said...

That's what I thought, but I thought I should come clean in case I was acting hypocritical.