Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Mom Thoughts

So I have a few minutes, and I thought I'd write.  A few baby updates:

- He has begun gurgling, cooing, and smiling.  It's so thrilling I don't know how to express it.  He started at about five weeks (he's 6 and a half now--WOW) and T and I spend half our time just watching him and making noises back.  Cheap and wonderful entertainment, folks.  I truly love it.

- He weighs over 11lbs and sleeps well.  I don't even want to write more about it for fear he'll suddenly develop colic and scream for hours a day, poor little colicky babies.

- Apparently, the child likes funk and soul but not classic rock:  The Who came on and he began to cry, so we switched to The Spinners and he quieted right down.

- First official outing:  Taste Coffee House the next town over.  He slept the whole time.  It was very exciting.

- He's begun truly looking at things, especially this painting in our living room and the turtle mobile in his pack-n-play.  They don't even move and he gurgles at them like mad.

I'm writing this down partially for me...haven't begun a baby book yet and I know if I don't write these things somewhere, I'll forget.  So I apologize, but consider yourselves privileged that you're part of the record of his young life.

Recently I joined a parent group in my area--the Internet is a wonderful tool.  I realized I needed to meet some other moms in the area and this is the modern way to do it.  I knew they had to be out there; the schools wouldn't be so damned overcrowded otherwise.  Went to my first meeting at the one woman's house the other day, and it just felt nice to make myself part of a network of other women like me, at least in terms of having kids.  They all seemed quite nice and the group has TONS of outings.  The coordinator also pointed out that even if an event was geared toward older kids for me to come anyway and just hang out with the parents...that's part of the reason for the group.  I'm glad she reminded me of that.  I don't always reach out or ask for help when I need it, so I end up alone far too often.  I've written about this before: I'm not an unfriendly person, but I think I wait sometimes for opportunities to meet other people to present themselves instead of making the opportunity myself or seeking one out. So I'm making attempts and seeing what I can do to pull myself out of...myself.  I'm trying to make more calls to friends and keep connections going.

It's interesting: In a recent issue of Real Simple, I read an article on how to be a better friend.  It had suggestions from various experts and then the last one came from a nine year-old girl.  She pointed out that she has all day at school to see her friends, but adults don't have that and they need to do a better job of seeing their friends.  Talk about a case of out of the mouths of babes....


Leslie said...

I can assure you that you don't need to seek out ways to be a better friend. You're already a *GREAT* friend. You need to seek out ways to be better to yourself.

die Frau said...

Thanks, lady.