Wednesday, December 28, 2011

As seen in my house

Have you ever seen the advertisements for that space-saving spice rack?  The one that takes up four inches of space?

T and I saw that one evening and I said, "You know, our spices are such a mess, I'm almost tempted to call and order that," without any irony.  We have these lazy Susans of spices that predate our move to our house [shudder] and I just never got around to cleaning them out because who takes time to clean out the spice rack?  Not me.  It certainly didn't rank high on the list of priorities, even though I knew it would make life better. 

Guess what T got me for Christmas?  

I don't even have a picture of the other, two-tiered lazy Susan rack. 
It was too far back, with lots of clutter in front of it.


And Julie Andrews and a host of angels sang in the background.


jules said...


I'm laughing because for YEARS, I've used the excuse "I have to alphabetize my spice rack" to get our of uncomfortable engagements. Now, you've blown my cover. Who ACTUALLY organizes the spice rack!?!?

die Frau said...

I know. We had spices in there that pre-dated our marriage. Although it's not alphabetized; just organized by common usage, so you can still use the excuse.