Friday, January 27, 2012

Yummy yummy burgers

This is how good these burgers were: I'm taking time on a Friday night to blog about them.  Yes, because it cuts into my ca-ray-zay Friday night scheme of...going to bed in 20 minutes. Anyway.

Got these in my latest Natural Health: The article has healthy alternatives to fast food favorites.  Some of them looked a bit intense, but I figured I'd go for the burgers. We did not add avocado, but I bet it would add good flavor.


They tasted DELICIOUS. T raved about them as one of his new all-time favorites, beating out the decadent macaroni and cheese makeover from Cooking Light.  


I can't believe I didn't post that one--sure, Martha Stewart makes good mac and cheese, but I felt this one blew all others out of the water.  Definitely time-intensive and requires some slightly expensive cheese, but so worth it. By the way, don't substitute regular macaroni.  The cavatappi works much better.  It's also not super creamy/cheesy, so if you prefer that, you might have to adjust.

The cheeseburgers also take about 20-25 minutes to put together, and you need a food processor.  I used our giant George Forman to cook them, but I think you could cook the burgers perfectly well in a frying pan or however you choose.  I also warn you: the recipe calls for chilis in adobo and even seeded, they packed a bit of a heat wallop for anyone who has trouble with spice.  However, I felt they didn't stretch the budget and had so much flavor packed in--definitely a new Frau Family Favorite.

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