Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Ending

Well, it’s been quite a year. I have to start with a most recent and wonderful final event: On Friday night DF and I went to an engagement party for our friends H and M…and they surprised everyone by getting married right then and there. I found out about two minutes before it happened:

“What’s going on?” (to my friend D, who knew from the start as a co-conspirator and photographer)

“H and M are getting married right now.”






They got married right in the Buffalo Botanical Gardens on the same night as their parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary. She came out in her wedding dress and the groom touchingly cried throughout the ceremony, both of them wearing smiles from ear to ear. Only their siblings knew; even their parents were in the dark. It was so perfect for them…and afterward we all went out to this great barbecue place, Fat Bob’s, to celebrate. I know it may sound crazy, but in a way I find it just right because, as H’s dad eloquently put it, “You’ve been unconventional for 28 years; why should I expect you to change now?” I think my favorite part happened after when she saw me and cried, “Beat ya!”

While my mom, also present, told us to also “take the money and run”, we’re still going to have our regular nuptials on time. First of all, you just can’t duplicate that, and second, we want to go the regular route. Oh, we may be looking for Justices of the Peace in the yellow pages about a month beforehand, but we’ll remain traditional. Don’t worry; your plane tickets will not need refunding! It just meant so much to be a part of something special and surprising…at least to the rest of us. A great way to finish off the year.

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