Thursday, December 7, 2006

So Comfy...

This past weekend we went to Target (our favorite place) in search of a warm winter blanket. We expected it to be like any other trip: Go for one thing, come out with about ten things not on the list, nothing special. Little did we know the bounty we were about to receive…. We meandered toward the bedding aisle, stopping at sweaters for DF and shoes, of course, for me. As I turned down the “bedding” aisle, I saw it: The Excalibur of Blankets. A heavenly choir filled the air and light shone down on what mere advertising mortals call the MicroPlush Blanket. I called DF over, tears in my eyes, and we stared in awe at our blanket.

After our nice light blue purchase—and flannel sheets $30 a set!—we hurried home to make the blanket part of our bed and our lives. I kid you not, it is the softest, most comfortable piece of bedding that has ever graced my prone form. Sunday was spent under the covers grading papers. My butt fell asleep, I was in there so long, and I didn’t care. The only downfall is leaving the bed…but it makes night time so much better! I truly think this blanket will help me with time management, because I will try to get my work done so I can climb into bed to get some literal one-on-one with The Blanket. DF’s not a bad part of the whole snuggling bit, either.

Thank you, Target, for making my life better!

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